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Donna Dixon

Donna Dixon

Clayton, GA


Welcome, I am Donna Dixon and I'm a painting artist living in Northern Georgia-USA, and work out of my home studio, True Vine.
I have been fortunate to have lived in both Texas and Georgia.

I see my artwork as vivid, positive and uncomplicated, my style is my own and paint whatever I feel. I have a portfolio of images that encompasses many styles and subjects.
I am inspired by Impressionist painters, and elephants are one of my favorite subjects.
I support efforts to protect both African and Asian elephants, along with other endangered species

I want to show in my artwork how everything is best left and appreciated undisturbed, unadulterated. The result I want to accomplish is a creative or peaceful "time warp" for the viewer. I would like for my artworks to help activate the creativity of ones own mind by giving pause and leaving a lot of possibilities up to the viewer.

I use mostly oils, acrylics and some mixed media."

You may spot some of my artwork in the background of a Hollywood movie. Two of my paintings entitled "Chickadees" & "TwoBears" can be seen in the 2012 film Wanderlust -a Universal Studios comedy produced by Judd Apatow, directed by David Wain and starring Paul Rudd with Jennifer Aniston.

I am very honored and humbled to have signed on with Saatchi Art, and happened to be one of the featured artists for a previous collection, "Originals for $500 and Under Collection."
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I spend most of time painting and caring for my adopted pets and what I call as "living my dream and enjoying every minute of it."

Originals & Prints are sold through Saatchi Art-

You can connect also at my website

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"Art is never finished- only abandoned." (Leonardo Da Vinci)

"Those who were seen dancing were thought insane by those who could not hear the music'" (Friedrich Nietzsche)


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